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Our recruitment process

Every story takes its own unique turns with different plot twists. This is how most Woolman recruitment processes move forward.

Connect with us

First step is to connect with us on our career page: Leave your contact information along with your LinkedIn profile and CV. 

Later on we will keep you up to date about new job openings at Woolman.

Apply to a job

Is there a job opening that interests you? That's good to hear! Leave your application: fill out all the necessary information such as CV, cover letter and contact information. If you have a portfolio of your work, that's also a plus! We will do our part and keep you posted about the next steps of the process.

Keep in mind: Sometimes we do contact applicants during the application period as well. 

First interview

If your application and CV caught our attention, we will contact you and find a suitable time for us to meet. Usually the first interview takes place online. 

And about our interview style: We like our interviews laid-back. It's a place to get to know one another better! 

In the first interview you get to meet your possible new team members as well. We like to have the teams take part in the recruitment process of a new team member. 

Second interview

The second meeting will have a slightly different set of Woolman team members to chat with. This is a great place to ask even more specific questions about the job at hand, about Woolman and the team. 

References and additional discussions

After interviews it's time to talk about the salary, benefits, tools and start date. Get down to the details so to say!

Then it's time to sign the contract. At this point it's official: Welcome to the Woolman team! 

Pre-boarding and onboarding starts

Before your first official day with us you will be contacted about your tools, other work essentials and details by Woolman's HR team. 

We take pride in our onboarding process. We definitely do our part to make the new team members feel welcomed and ensure they have all the necessary tools to learn everything that's needed during the first months at Woolman.

What is it like to work at Woolman?

Helping our customers with international business and teaching them about digital marketing and eCommerce is the best part of my job.

Mikko Rekola Lead growth hacker

I feel like everyone at Woolman really loves what they're doing and our vision is clear: Superpowering commerce everywhere.

Silja Patrikainen Marketing & Sales developer

I like the vibe at Woolman. Even though we are almost 70 experts working here, everyone's ideas and thoughts are heard on how we can work even better and more efficiently as a team, in the future as well.


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