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From project manager to a solution architect – Jari Suni is all about efficiency and problem solving


Solution architect Jari Suni loves processes. That’s why he has a bunch of certificates in his back pocket such as ScrumMaster, Scrum Product Owner, SAFe Agilist... 

“I love to figure out what is taking too much time and what could be done more efficiently. I’m good at prioritising my own work and projects. It is good to point out that the more complex the system and the more stakeholders, the more difficult it is to keep the development process running smoothly”, Jari says.

Jari joined the Woolman team when Woolman was only about six months old company. Jari worked with Shopify online store projects as a project manager. At Woolman the job of a project manager is a lot more than just leading the project. There’s also work to do with setting up Shopify stores so the role of the project manager is a lot more technical than in most agencies. 


From fashion to pharmaceuticals, from books to trampolines

As Woolman has grown into a bigger company, Jari has taught himself new skills and transformed from a project manager into a solution architect. 

“My job is to design and deliver eCommerce solutions for our clients. I support different functions of the company such as sales, projects and services. I also get to work with clients from different businesses, from fashion to books, from digital products to pharmaceuticals, just to name a few. Vocabularies, business concepts and work processes can be very different when moving between different fields of business.”

These days Jari concentrates on finding solutions for customer’s business problems. He familiarises himself with different software and applications that could help the customer’s business grow even further. Working with Shopify platform is just a small part of Jari’s role anymore. 

“My role at Woolman is quite much more technical than before as I was working as a project manager. I love to solve problems and find solutions, working as a solution architect is a fulfilling job.”

Jari’s workdays are filled with customer meetings and consulting third party solution providers and other partners. According to Jari, good solution architecture exposes how we can deliver as much value as possible with minimum effort – the key to good architecture! It also helps to communicate the solutions to Woolman's customers with useful diagrams and process descriptions.

“Woolman is a great place to learn something new and take on more responsibility everyday! That has been my number one motivator from day one and it still is.”

Even though sometimes it takes blood, sweat and tears so to say to come up with a solution for the customer, Jari finds solving problems together with the customer one of the most rewarding moments in his daily work.


Freedom from errors and efficiency to the max

While working at Woolman Jari also studied a new degree and graduated as a master of engineering in the field of full stack software development. Woolman supported Jari's studies and Jari’s thesis was also assigned by Woolman. 

“My story probably went a little differently than most since I first started working as a project manager and then added in some new skills in the field of software development. In my current role, I will first focus on understanding customer needs and then explaining internally which domain we work in. From a technical point of view, I focus on how to make the front-end and back-end communicate with each other as efficiently and error-free as possible."

“Every system we build here at Woolman is constructed and managed in our own system; organisational structures, processes, tools, habits and so forth.”

Woolman has grown in four years to a company with almost 80 experts. 

“The fact that Woolman has grown so fast forces you to learn more and develop your own skill and mind set even further. It is a good place to grow and learn more.”

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